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Brian McGowan, Ph.D. is the Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, ArcheMedX, Inc, a healthcare informatics and e-learning company (www.archemedx.com).

Dr. McGowan earned his Doctorate in Cardiovascular Physiology at Temple University School of Medicine. While at Temple, he served as a member of the Heart FailureHeadshot June 11 2012 wo background compressed small and Transplant Teams at Temple University Hospital and participated in nearly 500 human heart transplant and cardiac sparing operations. Dr. McGowan completed Post-doctoral Fellowships in Cardiothoracic Surgery Research at the Medical University of South Carolina and in Translational Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. And for nearly a decade, Dr. McGowan served as Director for a graduate course in Medical Physiology at Arcadia University in Glenside, PA.

Dr. McGowan has served in various positions of leadership at Sudler & Hennessey; Cephalon; Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and Pfizer, Inc. Dr. McGowan is a member of the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (the Alliance); served as Founding Chair of the Alliance’s Emerging Technologies in Education Committee.

For the past decade Dr. McGowan has conducted research and lectured both nationally and internationally on the need to drive innovation in healthcare and healthcare education. In 2012 he authored his first book, “#SocialQI: Simple Solutions to Improve Your Healthcare”. And, in 2015, the impact of evolving research and learning models was recognized by the Alliance with their annual award for Innovation in Continuing Professional Development.

You can follow him on twitter (@BrianSMcGowan) and learn much more about his work by visiting www.archemedx.com